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Date Speaker(s) Title Size
2018-06-08 Stephanie Palmer
The University of Chicago
Seeing what's coming:
neural codes for motion prediction
4.6 GB
2018-05-31 Thomas Faulkner
The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Why is negative energy density bad, and how does quantum information constrain it? 5.0 GB
2018-05-24 Rudolf Grimm
The University of Innsbruck
Impurities in an ultracold Fermi sea:
Quasiparticles, phase separation, and more
5.6 GB
2018-05-17 Michel Devoret
Yale University
Catching and Reversing a Quantum Jump Mid-flight 5.3 GB
2018-05-10 Daniel McKinsey
The University of California, Berkeley
Probing Sub-GeV Dark Matter with Superfluid Helium 4.6 GB
2018-05-03 Lena Kourkoutis
Cornell University
New frontiers in cryo-electron microscopy:
From Probing Low Temperature Electronic Phases to Processes at Liquid/Solid Interfaces
3.5 GB
2018-04-26 Martin Zwierlein
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases under the Microscope 4.9 GB
2018-04-19 Rama Ranganathan
The University of Chicago
The evolutionary "design" of proteins 4.6 GB
2018-04-12 Heather Knutson
California Institute of Technology
Seeking Clues to Explain the Diverse Architectures of Exoplanetary Systems 5.3 GB
2018-04-05 Michael Brenner
Harvard University
The quest to observe the Turbulent Cascade in real time 4.1 GB
2018-03-29 Fred Chong
The University of Chicago
Scaling up Quantum Computers 3.8 GB
2018-03-21 Bill Archer
Los Alamos Laboratory
Computing in the Los Alamos Weapons Program 5.2 GB
2018-03-08 LianTao Wang
The University of Chicago
Future of Particle Physics:
LHC and beyond
5.2 GB
2018-03-01 Vincenzo Vitelli
The University of Chicago
Topological materials:
From LEGO to Active Fluids
5.7 GB
2018-02-22 Hui Cao
Yale University
Mesoscopic Optics 5.0 GB
2018-02-15 Paul McEuen
Cornell University
The Future of Small 4.2 GB
2018-02-08 Nadya Mason
The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Surface State Transport in 3D Topological Insulators 4.4 GB
2018-02-01 Dan Holz
The University of Chicago
GW170817: Hearing and seeing a binary neutron star merger 6.0 GB
2018-01-18 Tanya Zelevinsky
Columbia University
Physics and Chemistry with Diatomic Molecules Near Absolute Zero 5.4 GB
2018-01-11 Marvin Cohen
The University of California, Berkeley
A Hundred Years of Modeling Solids 5.7 GB
2018-01-04 Jon Simon
The University of Chicago
Exploring Matter Made of Light 4.6 GB
2017-11-30 Bettina Hoerlin
Gino Segrè
Enrico Fermi:
The Pope of Physics
6.0 GB
2017-11-16 Eric Issacs
The University of Chicago
CP-1: The 'Big Bang' of Big Science 4.5 GB
2017-11-08 Rodney Ewing
Stanford University
Projecting Risk into the Future:
Failure of a Geologic Repository and the Sinking of the Titanic
4.2 GB
2017-11-02 Chin-Tu Chen
The University of Chicago
"Atoms for Peace" in Medicine and Biology 5.9 GB
2017-10-26 Bo Jacobs
Hiroshima Peace Institute
Hiroshima City University
The Fallout of Chicago Pile-1 5.0 GB
2017-10-19 Melissa Franklin
Harvard University
Dear Maria, Oh My, How Particle Physics has Changed 5.6 GB
2017-10-12 Carlo Rubbia
Nuclear Energy 4.9 GB
2017-10-05 Barbara Jacak
UC Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Nuclear Physics: Then and Now 5.7 GB
2017-09-28 David Schuster
The University of Chicago
Rethinking Quantum Circuits 5.6 GB

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