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2016 - 2017 Colloquia:

Spring Quarter

Mar.   30   Wolfgang Ketterle
New forms of matter with ultracold atoms: synthetic gauge fields and supersolidity
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.5GB)

Apr.   13   Steven Kivelson
Intertwined Order in Highly Correlated Electron Fluids
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.4GB)

Apr.   20   Zoran Hadzibabic
Quantum gas in a box
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.5GB)

Apr.   27   Cameron Reed
The Manhattan Project: A Look at the Physics
HQ(6.1GB)   Standard(2.4GB)

Apr.   28   Bob Wald
Black Holes, Thermodynamics, and Quantum Theory
Einstein Prize Lecture
HQ(6.1GB)   Standard(2.4GB)

May   4   Peter Littlewood
Physics of Sustainability
HQ(6.4GB)   Standard(2.6GB)

May   11   Lisa Manning
Jamming in biological tissues
HQ(5.7GB)   Standard(2.3GB)

May   18   Joseph Incandela
From the Higgs to dark matter: the search for the underlying code of our universe
Zachariasen Lecture
HQ(6.5GB)   Standard(2.5GB)

May   25   Erez Berg
Critical Metals: Lessons from quantum Monte Carlo studies
HQ(6.9GB)   Standard(2.8GB)

June   1      Jacob Bean
Towards the identification of Earth-like worlds with MAROON-X
No video

Winter Quarter

Jan.   12   John Marko
Self Organization of chromosomes and the loop-extrusion model"
No Video Available

Jan.   19   Sharon Glotzer
Physics of Polygons and 2D Melting
No Video Available

Jan.   26   Jeff McMahon
Mapping New Physics with Cosmic Microwave Background
HQ(5.8 GB)   Standard(2.2GB)

Feb.   2   Shinsei Ryu
Topological insulators and superconductors -- from band theory to interacting system
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.3GB)

Feb.   9   Jessie Shelton
The Higgs portal onto the dark universe
HQ(6.1GB)   Standard(2.2GB)

Feb.   16   Cheng Chin
Quantum Dynamics of Inflation
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.5GB)

Feb.   23   Rainer Weiss
Observations of binary black hole mergers: the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy.
HQ(7.3GB)    Standard(2.9GB)

Mar.   2   Aharon Kapitulnik
Time Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Unconventional Superconductors
HQ(7.0GB)    Standard(2.8GB)

Mar.   9   Mayly Sanchez
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe with Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
HQ(7.9GB)    Standard(3.2GB)

Fall Quarter

Sept.    29   David Miller
Seeing the unseeable: boosting discoveries at the LHC by imaging quarks and gluons with jets and jet substructure
HQ(6.2 GB)   Standard(2.2GB)

Oct.   6      Elizabeth Hays
Exploring the Extreme Universe with Gamma Rays
Standard(2.6 GB)

Oct.   13   Jiwoong Park
Paper and Circuits, only Atoms Thick
Standard(2.32 GB)

Oct.   20   Hellmut Fritzche and panel discussion
Looking Back: A personal view
HQ(6.3GB)   Standard(2.3GB)
Heritage of Physics Department

Oct.   27   Carlos Wagner
Understanding the Origin of Mass and Matter
HQ(6.6GB)   Standard(2.5GB)

Nov.   3   Elisabeth Krause
Dark Energy Science with the Dark Energy Survey, and Beyond
HQ(6.4GB)   Standard(2.3GB)

Nov.   10   Daniel Diermeier
Modeling Elections
HQ(6.2GB)   Standard(2.2GB)

Nov.   17    David Nygren
The Matter – Anti-matter Asymmetry of the Universe: Why is there something, rather than nothing?
HQ(5.1GB)   Standard(2.1)GB

Dec.   1      Nima Arkani-Hamed
Future of High Energy Physics
HQ(7.1GB)   Standard(3.1GB)

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