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2015 - 2016 Colloquia:

Spring Quarter

Mar.   31   Charles Kane
Symmetry, topology and electronic phases of matter
HQ (6.1 GB)      Standard (2.4 GB)
Zachariasen Lecture

Apr.   7      Henry Kapteyn
Practical ultrashort pulse tabletop “x-ray lasers,” and their applications
HQ (6.9 GB)      Standard (2.8 GB)

Apr.   14   Michelle Dolinski
Neutrino physics with EXO-200 and nEXO
HQ (5.4 GB)      Standard (2.2 GB)

Apr.   21   Anna Grassellino
Physics and Material Science at the Heart of Modern Particle Accelerators: Limits and Promise of Superconducting Accelerator Technologies 
HQ (5.8 GB)      Standard (2.3 GB)

Apr.   28   Paul Sereno
Functional modules in Vertebrate Evolution
HQ (4.7 GB)      Standard (1.9 GB)

May   5   Jesse Thaler
Jet Substructure: Boosting the Search for the New Physics at the LHC
HQ (6.6 GB)      Standard (2.6 GB)

May   12   Tadashi Tokieda
A world from a Sheet of Paper

May   19   Paul Steinhardt
The Extraordinary Search for Natural Quasicrystals

Winter Quarter

Jan.   7   Stephan Meyer
First results from the Fermilab Holometer testing space-time correlations at the Planck scale
HQ (5.4 GB)      Standard (2.1 GB)

Jan.   14   Tin-Lun Ho
Cold Atom Magic
HQ (5.9 GB)      Standard (2.38 GB)

Jan.   21   Abhay Pasupathy
Visualizing Spatially Ordered Phases in Complex Materials
HQ (5.5 GB)      Standard (2.19 GB)

Jan.   28   Margaret Gardel
Mechano-memory of F-actin Networks
HQ (6.1 GB)      Standard (2.46 GB)

Feb.   4     Chris Monroe
Quantum Networks of Atoms and Photons

Feb.   11   Daniel Holz
Update on LIGO and gravitational waves
HQ (7.6 GB)      Standard (3.06 GB)

Feb.   18  Subir Sachdev
Quantum matter without quasiparticles
HQ (6.1 GB)      Standard (2.46 GB)

Feb.   25   Scott Wakely
Isotope Hunting at 100,000ft: Tracking Cosmic-Ray Clocks with HELIX

Mar.   3   David Biron
Perturbations to worm sleep, weak and strong
HQ (5.9 GB)      Standard (2.38 GB)

Mar.   10   Ady Stern
The making and breaking of non-abelian anyons in electronic systems

Fall Quarter

Oct.    1   Michael Levin
The Puzzling Boundaries of Toplogical Quantum Matter

Oct.    8   John Grunsfeld

Oct.    15   Emil Martinec
Quantum Geometry and Phases of Matter
HQ (7.1 GB)      Standard (2.9 GB)

Oct.    22    Oskar Painter
Optomechanincal crystals and radiation pressure at the nanoscale

Oct.    29    Michael Hagan
Cargo encapsulation by self-assembling icosahedral containers

Nov.    5    Wendy Freedman
Measurement of Cosmological Parameters

Nov.   12   Ayana Arce
Revealing hidden structure at the LHC

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