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2013 - 2014 Colloquia:

Spring Quarter

Apr. 3   Chang Kee Jung
Observation of Electron Neutrino Appearance from a Muon Neutrino Beam

Apr. 10   William Irvine
Unraveling knotted fields

Apr. 17   David Weitz
Dripping, jetting, drops and wetting: the magic of microfluids

Apr. 24   Adam Riess
The Hubble Constant and Dark Energy from Supernovae, Cepheids and Parallax

May  8   Yannis Semertzidis
Towards a final push in axion dark matter search in the 1-100 micro-eV mass range

May  15   Aephraim Steinberg
Experimental measurement tradeoffs, from Heisenberg to Aharonov to quantum data compression

May 29   Serge Haroche
Controlling photons in a box and raising Schrödinger cats of light: when thought experiments become real

June  5    Krishna Rajagopal
The Hottest, and Most Liquid, Liquid in the Universe  

Winter Quarter

Jan. 9   Kurt Hinterbichler
Massive gravitons, the cosmological constant and new directions in gravity

Jan. 16   David Awschalom
Beyond electronics: abandoning perfection for quantum technologies

Jan. 23    Vyacheslav Turyshev
Testing Fundamental Gravitation in Space: Recent Progress and Possible Future Directions

Feb. 6   Abigail Vieregg
Particle Astrophysics at the Highest Energies with the Greenland Neutrino Observatory (GNO)

Feb. 13   Steven Chu
From biology, biomedicine to the Energy and Climate Challenge

Feb. 27   Deborah Jin
Ultracold Polar Molecules
*The William H. Zachariasen Lecture

Mar. 6    Juan Collar
Present status of direct searches for dark matter

Mar. 13   Eugene Demler
Studying many-body states with quantum noise

Fall Quarter

Oct. 3   Savdeep Sethi
Acceleration in String Theory: Some thoughts about how to define quantum gravity in an accelerating universe.

Oct. 10    Daniel Holz
Listening to the Universe with gravitational wave astrophysics

Oct. 17    JC Séamus Davis
Gesalt of Strongly Correlated Superconductivity

Oct. 24    Daniel Hooper
Dark Matter Annihilation in the Gamma-Ray Sky

Oct. 31    Boris Kayser
Are We Descended from Heavy Neutrinos?

Nov. 7    Jason Alicea
Majorana Materializes

Nov. 14  Steven M. Girvin
Taming the World’s Largest Schrödinger Cat

Nov. 21   Craig Hogan
Macroscopic Quantum Geometry: Testing the Fidelity of Space-time with Interferometry"

Dec. 5   Michael Crowe
A History of Vector Analysis

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