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2012 - 2013 Colloquia:

Spring Quarter

Apr. 4   Margaret Gardel
Living Matter: Elucidating mechanism of the protein-based materials underlying celluar movement.

Apr. 18    Stefan Kuhr
Probing strongly correlated quantum systems with single-atom resolution

Apr. 25    Scott Ransom
Basic (but cool!) Physics with Millisecond Pulsars

May. 2    Samuel Ting
First Result from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station

May  9    Joel Moore
Topological insulators and their implications for electronic order

May 16    Rick Gaitskell
LUX and LZ(LUX-ZEPLIN); NOBLE TRAVAILS Large Liquid Xe Detectors Searching for Particle Dark     

May 30    Clifford Cheung
Higgs and Dark Matter Variations

June 6    Morgan Wascko
Using neutrino oscillation to study the matter/antimatter asymmetry of the universe

Winter Quarter

Jan. 10    Michael Rust
Robust Circadian Rhythms from Coupled Catalytic Domains

Jan. 24    Jun Ye
Ultracold molecules - New Frontiers in quantum & chemical physics

Jan. 31    H. Birali Runesha
Big Computing or Big Data? Trends and Challenges Facing Researchers in the Third Pillar.
An Introduction to the UChicago Research Computing Center

Feb.  7    Sergei Nagaitsev
Integrable Systems for Accelerators

Feb. 14    Giorgio Gratta
EXO and the quest for Majorana Neutrino Masses

Feb. 21    Markus Aspelmeyer
Quantum optomechanics: a mechanical platform for quantum foundation and quantum information processing

Feb. 28    Andrey Kravtsov
Order out of chaos: towards understanding galaxy formation in the cosmological context

Mar. 7    LianTao Wang
New Physics at the LHC: Higgs and beyond

Mar. 14    Kathryn Zurek
Cosmic clues for dark matter and their implications for a dark matter asymmetry

Mar. 21    Steven M. Block
Optical Tweezers: Gene Regulation, Studied One Molecule at a Time

Fall Quarter

Oct. 4    Detlef Lohse
Turbulent Rayleigh-B\'enard and Taylor-Couette  flow

Oct. 11    Steven W. Barwick
Progress in the development of the ARIANNA highenergy neutrino detector

Oct. 18    Cheng Chin
Exploring novel quantum few- and many-body phenomena by universal quantum simulation

Oct. 25    Xiang Zhang
Optical Metamaterials: Negative Refraction, Superlens and Plasmon Lasers

Nov. 1    James Pilcher
Discovering the Higgs Boson – latest results from the CERN LHC

Nov. 8    Dietrich Müller
Hundred Years of Cosmic Rays: Some Reflections on the Research in Chicago

Nov. 15    Savas Dimopoulos
What has the Large Hadron Collider done to Theory?
William H. Zachariasen Lecture

Nov. 29    Randall Hulet
Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices

Dec. 6    Jonathan Simon
Engineering Quantum Materials from Cold Atoms: Mott Insulators to Emergent Crystals

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