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2011 - 2012 Colloquia:

Fall Quarter

Sept. 29    Andre de Gouvea
The Brave nu World

Oct. 6    Richard Hill
Effective Field Theory and the 2011 Standard Model

Oct. 13    Christophe Salomon
The Measurement of Time in the 21st Century

Oct. 20    Karin Dahmen*
Deformation of crystals, granular materials, and earthquakes:
Using simple models to understand slip avalanches, crackling noise, and universal noise statistics

Oct. 27    Ned Kahn
Granular Landscapes

Nov. 3    Mark Kastner
The Kondo Effect in a Single Electron Transistor:  Learning New Physics using Nano-Technology
William H. Zachariasen Lecture

Nov. 10    Meredith Nettles
Geophysical Constraints on Glacial Earthquakes and Glacier Dynamics in Greenland

Nov. 17    D. T. Son
Viscosity, quark gluon plasma, and string theory

Winter Quarter

Jan. 12    Todd Ditmire
Petawatt to Exawatt Lasers: The Science and Technology of the Highest Power Lasers Ever Built

Jan. 19    Matthew Tirrell
Multivalent Ionic Interactions in Multicomponent Polyelectrolyte Mixtures: From New Physics to New Materials

Jan. 26    Young-Kee Kim
The Intensity Frontier on the Great Plains: Fermilab's current programs and future with Project X

Feb. 2    Jasper Kirkby
Cosmic Rays, Climate and the CERN CLOUD Experiment

Feb. 9    Franz Pröbst
Results from the latest run of the CRESST-II Dark Matter Search

Feb. 16    Hubert Saleur
Charge transmutation in the fractional quantum Hall effect

Feb. 23    Shivaji Sondhi
Spin Ice, Monopoles, Fractionalization and Topological Order

Mar. 1    Ian Low
The Higgs Identity

Spring Quarter

Apr. 5    David Biron
Do Worms Sleep?

Apr. 12    Gerald Gabrielse
Probing the Structure of the Electron

Apr. 19    Martin van Hecke
Extreme Physics of Marginal Matter

Apr. 26    Peter Zoller
Open System Quantum Simulation with Atoms, Molecules and Ions
Ugo Fano Lecture

May 3    Ann Nelson
Portals for New Physics at the Intensity Frontier

May 7   Rogerfest

May 10    Graham R Flemming
The Biophysics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting and its Regulation
Ugo Fano Lecture

May 24    Andreas Kronfeld
Twenty-first Century Lattice Gauge Theory: Consequences of the QCD Lagrangian

May 31    Dmitry Budker
Physics Exotica: Some New Results and Ideas

June 7    Geoff Marcy
Exoplanets: From Jupiters to Earths

* - no audio

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