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2010 - 2011 Colloquia:

Fall Quarter

Sept. 30    Scott Wakely
Eyes on the TeV Sky: Astrophysics with VERITAS

Oct. 7    Margaret Gardel
Cellular Mechanics

Oct. 14    Sir Roger Penrose
Conformic Cyclic Cosmology: latest results

Oct. 21    Anthony Tyson
LSST and the physics of the dark universe

Oct. 28    *George E. Smith
The Invention and Early History of the CCD      
*William H. Zachariasen Lecture*

Nov. 4    Laura Greene
High-Temperature Superconductivity: Emergent Phases, Broken Symmetries, and the Power Grid

Nov. 11    Nima Arkani-Hamed
Space Time, Quantum Mechanics and Scattering Amplitudes

Nov. 18    Greg Tarle
Cosmic Antimatter

Dec. 2    Sacha Kopp
Quantum Mechanics With Neutrinos

Winter Quarter

Jan. 6    Walter Lawrence
Quantum Information and Paradoxes of Physics

Jan. 13    Paolo Privitera
Tuning the Radio to Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays

Jan. 20    David Schuster
Cavity QED with Electrons on Helium

Jan. 27    Charles Kane
Topological Insulators and Topological Band Theory

Feb. 10    William Irvine
Curved crystals and knotted fields

Feb. 17    Brian de Marco
Experiments with Dirty Bosons

Feb. 24    Dirk Bouwmeester
Towards quantum superposition of a mirror

Mar. 3    Xiao Gang Wen
From highly entangled quantum matter to a unification of light and electrons

Mar. 10    Ben Newling
The Sound of Science

Spring Quarter

Mar. 31    Jon Rosner
Unfinished Business in Particle Physics

Apr. 7    Carlos Wagner
High Energy Physics at the beginning of the LHC Era

Apr. 14    Florencia Canelli
Recent Results from Collider Experiments

Apr. 21    Rob Phillips
How Viruses Make New Viruses: A Single Molecule View

Apr. 28    Mark Saffman
Strongly interacting Rydberg atoms: from quantum gates to matter wave solitons

May 5    Frans Pretorius
Black Holes: Probes of the Cosmos and Fundamental Physics

May 12    Aldo Antognini
The proton radius puzzle

May 26    Stuart Henderson
Accelerators Across Physics and Society

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