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 2009 - 2010 Colloquia:

Fall Quarter

Oct. 1    Stuart Freedman
The Decade of the Neutrino

Oct. 8    Cheng Chin
Having your cake and seeing it too - Exploring quantum criticality and critical dynamics in ultracold atomic gases

Oct. 15    Ali Yazdani   
Visualizing Pair Formation on the Nanometer Scale and the Riddle of High-Temperature Superconductivity

Oct. 21    Kip Thorne   
Gravitational Waves: A New Window onto the Universe

Oct. 22    Yves Couder
Droplets walking on a liquid interface;a macroscopic type of wave-particle duality

Oct. 29    John Grunsfeld
On the fly: A Hubble Story

Nov. 5    Craig Hogan   
Holographic Noise in Michelson Interferometers: a Direct Experimental Probe of Unification at the Planck Scale

Nov. 12    Carlos Bustamante
Grabbing the Cat by the Tail: Single molecule studies of a viral DNA packaging motor

Nov. 19    Bill Atwood
Fermi-LAT: The First Year

Winter Quarter

Jan. 7    Fred MacKintosh
Non-equilibrium aspects of the cytoplasm: the cell as an active state of soft matter

Jan. 14    Robert Wald
Self-Force on a Classical Point Charge

Jan. 21    Woowon Kang
Topological quantum computing

Jan. 28    James Evans
The Google Effect on Science and Scholarship: By broadening individual reach, the Internet narrows global understanding

Feb. 4    John Galayda
Report of Early Experience with the Linac Coherent Light Source as a User Facility

Feb. 25   Christopher Stubbs
Confronting the Dark Energy Crisis in Fundamental Physics

Mar. 4   Kameshwar Wali
Cremona Violins - A Physicist's Quest for the Secrets of Stradivari

Mar. 11   Dan Hooper
The Hunt For Dark Matter Continues

Spring Quarter

Apr. 1   S. C. Zhang
Topological insulators and topological superconductors

Apr. 8   Lian-Tao Wang
Using LHC Data to Explore New Physics at the Terascale

Apr. 29   Gennady Stupakov
Using echo effect in accelerators: how to measure diffusion and multiply harmonics

May 6   Philip Kim
Graphitic Carbon Nanostructures: From Analogy of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Carbon Based Electronics

May 13   Neil Turok
Was the Big Bang the Beginning?

May 20   Evan Finch
Recent results from STAR at RHIC

June 3   Guy Savard
The CARIBU facility: making r-process nuclei available in the laboratory

June 10   Robert Kirshner
The Past, Present, and Future of Supernova Cosmology

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